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Why do phones need sim cards?

The big question I keep thinking over and over in my head, is why do we still use sims? Has technology not moved far enough forward to provide us with a better solution to this problem?

Industries Ripe for Tech Disruption

I have spent a lot of time in the last few years pondering what industries might be ripe for disruption. It is also often something I am asked by others and recently I think I might have stumbled on the answer.

Go Out and Network

This week there has been lots of discussion around the office about networking more and the value of meetups and conferences. This is something I have pondered a lot recently and felt it was time to shared my thoughts on the subject.

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2013 - Year in Review

So for a while now I have thought about writing a "Year in Review" post annually. As I am working on actively blogging again this year is the perfect year to start.